How We Help

The Canadian Academic Success School provides recent immigrants to Canada with the necessary academic and language skills to achieve success within the Ontario education system and within the workforce.  We do this by assessing each studentís needs, and then matching highly qualified, experienced tutors to respond to those needs.  We offer a wide range of exceptional services tailored to your individual needs in order to ensure you successfully attain your goals.

Our services include:

Tutoring for All Subjects & Grades

Instead of going from one school to another looking for help with different subjects and for children in different grades, the Canadian Academic Success Schoolís extensive list of experienced, qualified tutors offers you one-stop shopping. 

Following the Ontario Ministry of Education Curriculum Guidelines

By following the same curriculum, books and teaching style, The Canadian Academic Success School ensures that each tutoring session will complement and reinforce the curriculum taught in the classroom, and is better able to directly improve students marks. 

Experienced/Certified Tutors

All of our premium tutors have years of teaching experience in Ontario and are chosen for their knowledge of the course material (some even have masters degrees or doctorates) to provide the necessary skills to best help students achieve higher grades. 

Homework & Essay Writing Help

In order to increase students grades, the Canadian Academic Success School can assist with a specific task related to a specific assignment.  Please call (416) 768-8456 at least 4 days before the assignment is due to arrange for this service. 

Test & Entrance Exam Preparation

We have instructors with training and experience in private school and university entrance exams such as the SSAT, SAT, GED, or GMAT; and language tests such as the TOEFL, IELTS, and Grade 10 literacy exam to help students achieve better grades and give them a better chance at entering the university or college of their choice. 

Study Skills Training

Often, students perform poorly at school because they donít know how to study.  Our tutors help students become more organized and learn the methods to improve their overall performance at school. 

Experienced TESL Certified ESL Instructors

Many schools believe that any native English speaker can teach English, but our teachers who have TESL certificates are trained to assess clients specific language problems and are able to provide the techniques to help students overcome those problems. 

Business English & Presentation Skills

People whose first language is not English often find their poor language skills prevent them from finding work in Canada at the same level as their training and experience in their home country. Our courses help clients to find better jobs and improve their performance at work by equipping them with the tools to present ideas, participate in meetings, and negotiate. 

Risk-free, Money-Back Guarantee

If, after the first tutoring session, a student is not satisfied with the assigned tutor, and no satisfactory alternative can be found, all fees paid will be refunded (minus a $20 service charge).  

Enjoyable, Customized, Private Tutoring Sessions

Of course, the Canadian Academic Success helps students with their specific needs, but if the student isnít paying attention, they arenít going to learn much.  Thatís why the Canadian Academic Success School also tries to make learning fun.  Itís also easier for the parents if their children enjoy going to class. 

Choice of Times, Days, and Locations

We know you are busy, thatís why the Canadian Academic Success School makes every effort to accommodate your schedule.  We offer lessons from 9 AM to 9 PM Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM on Saturdays, and 12 PM to 4 PM on Sundays.  Tutoring is available outside regular hours for a premium rate.  We can also send a tutor to your home for a small service charge. 

Instruction in Many Languages

It is important that students understand what they are supposed to have learned in school.  Thatís why the Canadian Academic Success School can provide tutoring in the language students feel most comfortable with to understand the material they are taught in English at their school.  Currently, we can provide you with tutors who speak English, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Persian, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, Romanian, Italian, Arabic, Vietnamese, and Tagalog. 

Semi-Private & Small Group Classes

Sometimes students feel more comfortable studying with other students.  This can also mean significant savings on lesson fees.  For more information on rates, please check our Rates page.

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