Mr. Bowen was the most invaluable teacher I’ve met since coming to Canada. He was kind, patient, sensitive to my cultural needs, and a friend.  He used simple but effective tools in teaching and humor to insert a certain vitality into the class. My time learning under him was fun and very informative.—Aabhishek Majumdar 

Mr. Bowen, you are an experienced ESL teacher with a great sense of humour. You created the best learning atmosphere I ever had, and I improved my English skills a lot. I really enjoyed learning English with you.—Fanny Tan 

I'm impressed with the quality and depth of the materials Mr. Bowen teaches in his classes. His way of teaching classes is way beyond my expectation.—Terence Chen 

I love Mr. Bowen's teaching style. He is very knowledgeable, helpful and has a strong sense of humor.—Kitty Ma 

Mr. Bowen is a great guy, very easygoing.—Min Jin Kim 

Mr. Bowen is a responsible and enthusiastic teacher. More importantly, he has a great sense of humor; you will never get bored in his class.—Angel Leung

Just want to let you know I really enjoy the classes.—Faranak Yeknedeh 

Brian Bowen is a unique, excellent teacher. He was a colleague of mine for seventeen years, and he’s probably the kindest, most professional and funniest teacher I had the pleasure to know. He was very popular among students as well as with his fellow teachers.—Gwim Philipp 

Brian is very funny, helpful and clear when teaching. He also cares about his students. A very nice professor.—Chen-Te Chen 

Mr. Bowen is the kindest & most intelligent man on earth to me. He dedicates all his life and all his heart to students, especially ESL ones. He loves his work and enjoys having fun with students. He is not only a teacher but also a father, and a friend to me.—Christy Tran 

Hiring Brian as an ESL instructor in 1988 was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Brian was popular with both staff and students alike, and even proved to be an asset overseas, where students would sometimes specifically request him as their instructor.—Irwin Diamond, Principal, Cambridge International College of Canada 

I had an honor to be one of Mr.Bowen's students. In class, he was not only a great teacher but also witty and hilarious companion. I never got bored in his class. You'll see, then.—Atena Ng

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